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Address:Changshou District, Yan family, opening area, three North Branch Road

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ChongqingXiyang water treatment Co. Ltd. was founded in 1996,is located in Changshoueconomic and technological development area. The company covers an area ofabout 22000 square meters, it has more than 100 employees. The company is the professionalwater treatment production enterprise which combined with production, researchand development and trade. It also has the advanced production equipment, fullyequipped development laboratory and strict implementation of ISO9001 qualitysystem. Overthe years, the company work together with senior engineer Runsheng Li which isthe father of water treatment industry in research and development of the newtechnological and high efficiency production line of PAC. The company occupies agood advantage in water treatment industry because the cooperation with anumber of research institutes, colleges and universities. The company has both centrifugalspray drying production line and cylinder drying production line, the mainproducts include spray type poly aluminum chloride (PAC), poly aluminumchloride (PAC) and polyferric chloride (PFC), polyferric sulfate (PFS), noniron aluminium sulfate (AS),and etc. Presently, the company has developed asthe most competitive water treatment enterprise in Chongqing.
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